Jerri Heit, Field Utility Supervisor, SouthWest Water Company

Drylet Aqua Assist worked wonders on one of our historically ‘troubled’ sewer plants. We decreased sludge hauling over 33%; increased digester solids by more than 1%; eliminated bulking in our clarifier and decreased our Total Suspended Solids by more than 50%, all without making any changes to our day-to-day plant operations.

Randy Lacklander, Iowa Farmer

We added ManureMagic® to the pits of each of our grower/finisher barns and within a few weeks the odor was cut by 50-75%. Being on the west side of a major highway, we wanted to remain proactive with odor control. We have been looking for something to help us with odor, and I think we’ve

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Chris Robason, President, Bio-Aquatic Testing

Since 2010, Bio-Aquatic Testing has conducted testing on over 20 products seeking NCP listing as bioremediation agents. Of the products we have tested, Drylet’s MB Bioremediation product has shown to have the highest efficiency rating we have tested regarding the breakdown of both the low and high end carbon chains (alkanes and aromatics).