World Water: Harnessing nature enhances energy generation from waste

Microbiology is the most readily available, scalable, affordable, effective technology to remediate sludge through mass-togas conversion, as reported in World Water Magazine (March/April 2020.) “Producing biogas is quickly emerging as a desirable strategy to generate revenue while complying with increasingly stringent climate policies,” said Drylet CEO Trevor Turbidy in reference to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

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Water Canada: One Pipe, Many Problems

As extreme weather events increase, so do the risks associated with Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO). Because rebuilding combined sewer systems takes time and money, we need cost-effective solutions that can help these aging combined sewer systems cope in the interim, writes Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi in Water Canada. In this context, governments and waste management authorities should

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TriplePundit: “Nature is the original problem solver”

“Nature is the original problem solver, and incorporating inspiration from nature into operations can help reduce the negative externalities from grey infrastructure construction and utilization like chemical contamination,” argues Drylet CEO Luka Erceg. TriplePundit has the full story.

CEO Luka Erceg bares all in Municipal Water Leader interview

In this in-depth interview by Municipal Water Leader’s lead writer John Crotty, Drylet president and CEO Luka Erceg discusses how wastewater solution Aqua Assist came to be, the advantages it has over traditional biosolid remediation techniques, and how it will continue to change the wastewater industry in the future.

Treatment Plant Operator Magazine interviews CEO Luka Erceg

“An award-winning formulation from Drylet helps clean-water plants reduce biosolids volume and significantly reduce operating costs,” reports Treatment Plant Operator in its January 2018 issue. In ten questions to Drylet President & CEO Luka Erceg, reporter Ted J. Rulseh helps you understand what makes Aqua Assist so radically innovative and drastically effective in wastewater treatment.

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Water & Wastewater Asia features Drylet in Nov/Dec issue

The latest issue of Water & Wastewater Asia Magazine was released today, publishing this feature about Drylet. The timing feels especially right, just a couple of days ahead of InnoSTARS Competition Semifinals in Wuhan, China, where CEO Luka Erceg will be pitching. Asia, Asia, here we come.  

VIDEO: WaterWorld Online interviews CEO Luka Erceg

In WaterWorld words: How to deal with biosolids? Don’t create them in the first place Much discussion focuses on handling and managing biosolids, but what if they weren’t created in the first place? That’s the philosophy behind Drylet, a biocatalyst that is able to reduce biosolids by upwards of 50 percent. CEO Luka Erceg explains.

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