What is Bio React AD?

Bio React AD enhances the degradation of undigested solid waste (hydrolysis) in biodigesters, boosting biogas generation by 30+%. It has no impact on RIN designations under the Renewable Fuel Standard, per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's determination

Why Use Bio React AD?

Bio React AD contains no chemical ingredients or genetically modified organisms. The product is safe for human, animal and aquatic life. The formulations contain only Bio-Safety Level Class 1 microbes that have been confirmed by independent testing to be non-pathogenic.


  • Delivers millions of micro biocatalysts directly to the sludge layer.
  • Enhances the breakdown of WAS (Waste Activated Sludge) in the hydrolysis step of the AD process.
  • Requires no new equipment nor process change.
  • Added daily as part of your routine biodigester maintenance program.

Case Studies

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