Drylet was founded on the principle of helping nature. We are a bioremediation technology company whose proprietary biocatalysts optimize biological processes in wastewater and waste-to-energy facilities in particular. Outcomes include solids reduction up to 70% in wastewater treatment plants and animal production facilities, and up to 30+% biogas production boost in biodigesters (the full list of the industries we serve is available here.)

Our cost-effective and zero-footprint, zero-CAPEX solution to biosolids accumulation improves operations, reduces environmental impacts, and streamlines regulatory compliance.

Our products contain no genetically modified organisms or chemical ingredients. They are safe for human, animal, and aquatic life.


2018 Finalist, Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year

2017 Innovative Technology Award

2018 Water and Energy Exchange Technology Award

The Drylet Advantage

Drylet combines advanced material science and microbiology in its patented microbe-delivery platform that accelerates any biological process. The dry-to-the-touch biocatalysts are loaded with billions of carefully selected microbes to digest organic waste, overcome undesirable bacteria, or remediate oil spills. Significantly higher microbe counts and more effective delivery process than traditional bioremediation translates into reliable results.

Non GMO Bioremediation Products
Dry-to-the-Touch Bioreactors
Food Grade Micro Bioreactors





From municipal to industrial wastewater, Bio React AD boosts biogas generation and increases solids reduction in anaerobic digestion processes.


From municipal to industrial wastewater, Aqua Assist improves treatment operations and sludge reduction.



manuremagic® reduces solids and inhibits foaming in deep pits, lagoons, and pull-plug systems. A Purdue University study found it lowers H2S and odor by 50% and 43% respectively, while a recent Iowa State University found 75% foam inhibition and 33% solids reduction.


A clean grease trap system can make the difference for customer satisfaction. Bio-React delivers billions of live microbes for consuming fats, oils and greases that remove nasty buildup in your kitchen plumbing and also treats your grease trap. This means no odor complaints and happy customers.


Patented dry product delivering billions of live non-genetically modified microorganisms for bioremediation of oil, gasoline, diesel, grease or any other hydrocarbon-based contamination.

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