Bio React AD enhances hydrolysis in biodigesters, boosting biogas generation by 30+%.


Microbes are the operating system of any wastewater treatment system, including lagoons. Turbo-charging their activity makes lagoon dredging inexpensive, easy, non-disruptive, and headache-free. In addition, it provides ongoing treatment, while reduced solids translate to significant environmental benefits.




manuremagic® eats into solids, liquefies manure, reduces odors, and can improve pig survivability and feed efficiency. It is a critical part of any successful manure management program.

Aqua Assist Wastewater

Working to ensure that wastewater treatment facilities are working optimally to protect the health and safety of our community is what we do. Our patented, award-winning Aqua Assist Wastewater product is easy to apply and works on contact to boost your wastewater process, improve your overall compliance, and lower your operations costs.