Animal waste is a byproduct of swine, poultry, and dairy farming operations, as well as feedlot operations. While this waste is natural, it contains elements, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that can cause health and environmental risks if not managed properly. Drylet’s ManureMagic® solves solids accumulation, crust formation, and odor issues in farms, resulting in healthier livestock, improved survival rates, and better feed efficiency, as well as more abundant and homogeneous fertilizer for crops.

Protein Processors

Drylet's team provides tailored solutions for protein processors' various wastewater treatment needs. The company's innovative biocatalyst accelerates biological processes in any wastewater system, causing operations to improve significantly regardless of the process design. In particular, turbo-charging microbial activity in lagoon makes dredging inexpensive, easy, non-disruptive, and headache-free. In addition, it provides ongoing treatment, while reduced solids translate to significant environmental benefits.

Waste-to-Energy (Renewable Energy)

Managing the growing polluting flow of organic waste from humans and farm animals has become an environmental, public health, and increasingly regulatory, priority around the world. Thanks to the circular economy approach, sludge and manure are being utilized as fuel to produce biomethane, a renewable source of energy. Drylet's innovative biotalysis particle enhances  the anaerobic digestion process in biodigesters, boosting biogas generation by 30+%.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Our product Aqua Assist is tailored to boost your wastewater treatment process to achieve optimum performance while delivering significant cost savings, increased process capacity and reliable operations without capital investments. From domestic and industrial wastewater treatment to sludge ponds, our solution improves the treatment of wastewater.