Why use manuremagic®?

manuremagic provides an innovative, user-friendly, and eco-friendly solution to solids, foaming (see this 2017 study by Iowa State University), odor, and other nuisance issues in pits and lagoons. Manure can be pumped more easily and at a cheaper cost due to increased flowability and consistency. Consequently, higher volumes of consistent manure are made available for field application, and afford regained storage capacity.

manuremagic also reduces odor and hydrogen sulfide emissions up to 43% and 50% respectively, according to a Purdue University study. It helps keep neighbors happy throughout the year even when manure is being spread in the fields.


Product Testimonials

How it works

Easy dry application. No mixing required.

One treatment per barn per pit pumping or flush provides enhanced microbial activity until the next pump-out or flush.

manuremagic is a dry powder formulated with patented particles seeded with mixed microbial cultures that turbo-charge the natural process of anaerobic digestion.

Particles provide those bacteria with an ideal environment to reproduce at significantly accelerated rates, consuming and converting organic waste directly to gas and water.


How to apply

Applying manuremagic is easy:

  1. Spread the product evenly across the slats throughout the barn.
  2. Water the product into the pit.

Watch the video for more details.

Please remember:

  • Apply after each major pumping or flush
  • DO NOT apply to crusted manure

Case Studies

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