Nature’s Elegant Solution to Solids Build-Up

Out with machines, in with microbes: Drylet’s award-winning technology harnesses the power of microbes to boost and accelerate the biological process of digestion and biosolids degradation in any lagoon with just one application per year.

Microbes are the operating system of any wastewater treatment system, including lagoons. Turbo-charging their activity makes lagoon dredging inexpensive, easy, non-disruptive, and headache-free. In addition, it provides ongoing treatment, while reduced solids translate to significant environmental benefits.

Lagoon Control Made Easy

Because it dramatically enhances microbial activity in lagoons, Bio Dredger boosts biosolids degradation with just one yearly application for routine maintenance. “Shock” dosing may be required in severe cases (watch video at left). In addition, improved lagoon treatment and health are ensured between applications.



Mechanical Dredging Biological Dredging
Solution Cost High Low
1 lb of Bio Dredger biocatalyst leads to the destruction of 500 pounds of solids at a cost of $125 on average per dry ton of solids removed
Solution Process Disruptive Seamless
product application is incorporated into lagoon routine mixing
Sludge Disposal Costs High Low
biosolids degradation means that sludge handling and disposal is required a lot less frequently
Lagoon Inventory None Accurate
sampling analysis before and after treatment provides an accurate assessment of the amount of solids present in the lagoon and removed by the treatment

Case Studies

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