Keith Milne, Chief Operator, Town of Deerfield, MA

I am highly recommending Drylet’s Aqua Assist. It is working amazingly well at our ancient, in-dire-need-of-upgrading, extended aeration plant. Even with all the rags, grit, and other trash all swirling around these amazing bugs, they are still getting the job done well enough for me to want to recommend it to you. If you’re on the

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Matthew Froehlich, PE, Project Manager, BGE, Inc.

I was introduced to Drylet over three years ago. Given all the “magic” products that have come and gone over the years, it was hard for me to believe Aqua Assist could do what I was being told it could do. Convincing my client and wastewater treatment plant operator to try it was even harder.

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Jon D., Project Manager at a 5 MGD WWTP

I have reduced the number of hauls by 50%. I have gained capacity in my digesters and have reduced the number of aeration basins. I can now take on a larger load to the plant if needed.

Matt Jones, Restaurant owner

We had a major grease problem at a couple of my restaurants and the smell was driving away a lot of business. We had a chance to sample Drylet’s product and it took care of the problem within a week! Happy customer here for life!

Mike Johnson, Farmer

ManureMagic® solved the odor issues that had been giving me headaches for 20 years. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Steve Kruse, MSR Kruse Farm LTD

I’ve been pumping manure pits for years. Recently, I had the opportunity to trial ManureMagic® in two side-by-side barns. After a whole season, I pumped both barns. The barn treated with ManureMagic® took 20% less time than the untreated one, and yielded more manure. The difference was really astounding! ManureMagic® is a real time saver.