Why Use Aqua Assist Marine?

Waterbodies -- including lakes, waterways and rivers, deltas, harbors, and coastal or offshore areas -- support many different industries around the world ranging from tourism to aquaculture. These industries are tremendously vulnerable to polluting events or continuous waste streams that are harmful to natural ecosystems as well as to public health. These include eutrophication from agricultural nutrients' run-offs and sludge dumping, algae blooms, and toxic industrial waste.

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How It Works

Aqua Assist Marine saturates the local ecosystem with beneficial bacteria that replicates fast. In the process, these microbes consume polluting organic waste and starve the "bad actors" such as pathogens, cyanobacteria, and algae of the nutrients they need to proliferate. They also degrade toxins such as microcystin and brevetoxin. The microbiome is naturally restored to its pristine state, with water and air quality safely back in healthy territory for both wildlife and public health.

All Natural Formula

Drylet's Aqua Assist Marine contains no chemical ingredients and only non-genetically modified, naturally occurring organisms. It is safe for human, animal, and aquatic life. The formulations contain only a chemically inert material and Biosafety Level Class 1 microbes that have been confirmed by independent testing to be non-pathogenic.

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