Microbe-delivery platform that boosts biological processes to eliminate up to 50 percent of wastewater biosolids pollution honored for its contribution to the sustainability of water resources.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-- (September 5, 2017) -- Drylet, LLC, a wastewater remediation technology company, announced today that its Aqua Assist product has won a Water Environment Federation (WEF) 2017 Innovative Technology Award.

“The Aqua Assist product proved through trials that it could potentially change the way wastewater plants are designed. Using this product, the removal of organic compounds was increased significantly by providing a substrate for additional bacteria to populate. The possibilities for this product could prove extremely beneficial for thousands of water reclamation facilities around the world,” the WEF Awards Committee stated.

The WEF Innovative Technology Award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the water environment profession, WEF and WEF Member Associations. Drylet’s Aqua Assist was chosen as one of four award recipients by the WEF Board of Directors.

“We are honored to see our technology recognized by WEF as a positive change agent in the wastewater industry,” said Drylet president and CEO Luka Erceg. “We believe the time has come to focus on eliminating biosolids pollution as governments and local communities strive to deploy improved wastewater treatment processes around the world.”


Drylet’s proprietary biocatalysts—engineered porous particles loaded with non-genetically modified microbes—reduce biosolids known as “sludge” by up to 50 percent with no capital investment, providing a cost-effective solution to address the increasingly overwhelming challenge of solid waste accumulation at wastewater treatment facilities.

By accelerating the biological processes that convert biosolids into gas and water, Drylet’s innovation significantly lowers the operational challenges and costs associated with handling, treating, and hauling solids. Aqua Assist helps wastewater treatment facilities conserve resources, boost operational efficiency, reduce environmental impacts and comply with tightening regulations.

“Drylet has worked persistently over the past few years to bring their product to the utility providers and entities that could benefit the most from its technology. It’s great that Drylet is finally being recognized for its technology and the impact it can make,” said Matt Froehlich, Project Manager at BGE, Inc. His client, a mid-size municipal wastewater treatment facility in Texas, authorized a field trial three years ago and is still using Aqua Assist today, enjoying consistent results and consequent operational savings.

In the United States, households alone generate 180 million pounds of sludge per day. Hauling biosolids to landfills burns fossil fuels and biosolids directly contribute to methane emissions—whose global warming potential is far greater than that of carbon dioxide—once at the landfill. Accumulating biosolids waste at landfills also causes soil and groundwater contamination through the slow release of pathogens, non-biodegradable polymers, sodium chloride and other persistent chemicals, a problem compounded by aging infrastructure. The U.S. population is forecasted to double by 2080, which will lead to further increases in biosolids production.

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) has stressed that higher levels of treatment worldwide create higher volumes of wastewater solids. Drylet’s solution is aligned with the UN guideline identifying minimization of biosolids production as an important objective for wastewater treatment development.

Drylet has been gaining momentum in the wastewater industry since the beginning of this year, ramping up its activity in the U.S. from 28 municipal facilities in January to 41 today.

Drylet will be recognized at an award ceremony on October 3, 2017, during WEF’s flagship tradeshow, WEF Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC), in Chicago, Illinois. The Drylet team will be available to discuss its work and answer questions from media representatives and industry professionals throughout WEFTEC, booth #8336. 

About Drylet, LLC Drylet is a Houston- and San Francisco-based wastewater remediation technology company whose proprietary biocatalysts optimize biosolids reduction in wastewater treatment plants and in animal production facilities. Drylet offers a cost-effective and zero-footprint solution to biosolids accumulation, improving operations, reducing environmental impacts and streamlining regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www.drylet.com.

WEF 2017 Awards announcement

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