Iowa State University study shows Drylet inhibits foaming and reduces solids in swine-manure pits.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 25, 2017) – Manure treatment product ManureMagic® is the first commercially available foam-deterrent product that is focused on the prevention of nuisance bacteria that cause foam in swine manure pits. ManureMagic performance for inhibiting foam by up to 75 percent and enhancing solids destruction in swine manure pits by 33 percent was demonstrated in a study conducted by Iowa State University.

“We found that treatment with ManureMagic reduced solids content, methane production rate, foam stability, and resulted in an altered microbial community,” Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department researchers Dan Andersen and Caleb Polson wrote in the concluding statement of their study “Evaluation of Potential Treatments to Reduce Foaming from Swine Manures.”

In 2009, Midwestern U.S. pork producers began observing a brown, viscous foam forming on the manure surface in their deep-pit storages, with significant implications for facility management and safety, the authors explain. As deep-pit storages are anaerobic environments, the breakdown of organic matter in swine manure will occur, producing biogases. When foam is present, it traps these gases, a major safety concern for animals and farm employees. Another challenge is that the accumulation of foam can significantly reduce the volume of the manure storage, causing producers to seek alternative acres for application during untimely seasonal windows to prevent the overflow of storages.

“Drylet provides pork producers with a unique, easy-to-apply solution that addresses multiple manure storage challenges they face daily including solids build up, foam production and air quality emissions,” said Laura Pepple, an agricultural engineer with a specialty in livestock manure systems, and a member of Drylet’s Scientific Advisory Board.

ManureMagic is a “dry-to-the-touch” product composed of engineered, non-toxic, and inert particles loaded with beneficial bacteria. Because of its exceptionally high density of 1011 cfu per gram, ManureMagic effectively delivers microbial blooms leading to enhanced biosolids reduction. It is easily administered by hand through the slats of a barn, or agitated into the pit, after each pumping. It is currently being used by five of the Top 10 swine producers in the United States.

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