Drylet’s COO Scott Conley and Regional Sales Manager Gary Tomlinson were invited by the president of the Texas Water Utilities Association to present at the organization’s monthly continuing education conference in Port Arthur on December 8th, 2016. The audience was comprised of wastewater plant employees and operations management.

Their presentation was designed to reacquaint the operators with the regulations for biosolids classification related to i) metal content, ii) pathogen levels, and iii) vector attraction. It also aimed at focusing their attention on how reducing biosolids in a wastewater plant reduces the overall GHG footprint in wastewater (i.e. more CO2 and less methane.) Conley and Tomlinson also used specific data and examples to show how bioaugmentation reduces biosolids.

If you missed the presentation and want to learn about biosolids management, you can download the presentation here. For more information on Drylet or its premier wastewater product, Aqua Assist, please visit our product page or check out our case studies.