Solids Reduction

Achieve solids reduction using Drylet’s solution Drylet is the award-winning developer and manufacturer of an advanced biocatalyst for delivering microbes. Drylet’s technology reduces biosolids between 30% and 70+% in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment facilities and livestock production operations. Easy-to-use and scalable, Drylet’s products require no capital expense. Regardless of infrastructure set-up or feedstock, Drylet’s

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Wasting events drop more than 70% at South Deerfield WWTP, says Chief Operator

Overview 78% biosolids reduction year-over-year 68% in monthly net savings over the same period No more bulking, excellent denitrification, single digit TSS and BOD values without any infrastructural changes or additions by Keith Milne, Chief Operator, Town of Deerfield Wastewater Division, South Deerfield, MA I first learned about Drylet’s Aqua Assist through an article I read in

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Aqua Assist brings a wastewater plant back to life

OverviewMicrobial activity revived in 24 hoursNo need to haul in activated sludgeAllowed plant to stay in compliance The wastewater treatment plant at Trinity, in East Texas, ran into significant problems with its oxidation ditch facility when both its aeration rotors failed. One went down. The second kept working, but only intermittently and for no more

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Large cost savings realized by 4-MGD MUD using Aqua Assist

Overview32% less bleach used for disinfection33% reduction in biosolidsReduced polymer use and labor-hours for pressing sludge A municipal utility district or M.U.D. in the local Houston area was looking for new technologies that could help reduce costs, and chose to give Aqua Assist a try. They have been using Aqua Assist at their 4 MGD

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