Video: The ManureMagic® difference


  • Faster microbial activity
  • Greater solids reduction
  • No odor

One of the challenges in demonstrating the value of ManureMagic to growers is that microbes don’t make for a good show. Even if you can get them in focus under a microscope, watching them consume food and reproduce is not very exciting.

One way we can showcase the ManureMagic difference in practice is through gas production. In this experiment, we took organic waste designed to simulate swine manure, and poured equal amounts into two flasks. We applied a small amount of ManureMagic to one flask, and secured balloons on top of both.

Within a few hours, the ManureMagic balloon started to inflate while the flask with only natural ambient bacteria was stagnant. Within a few days, the ManureMagic balloon had inflated a fair bit while the Nature balloon had only inflated a little.

Take a look at the video and judge for yourself. ManureMagic boosts the natural digestion process and results in increased gas production. More gas implies that more solids have been consumed, making your pit more liquid, reducing odors, and providing a host of other benefits for producers.

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