MB Bio Remediates Crude Oil Spill in East Texas


  • Crude oil spill at tank storage facility
  • 85% reduction in TPH in 1 month
  • Successful on-site remediation

An oil production company had a leak at one of its crude storage facilities in east Texas. The facility contained two large tanks surrounded by a retention basin. The feed line had developed a leak and had contaminated the soil around both tanks inside the basin. The soil around the tanks had Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) levels in excess of 58,000 ppm.

The state limit for TPH in soil is 10,000 ppm. The operator did not want to excavate near the tanks to remove the soil and preferred to remediate the soil in place.

After a brief consultation and site visit, Drylet recommended the operator treat the soil with MB Bio. The soil was tilled up and MB Bio was mixed throughout the contaminated area.

Over the next 28 days, 4 samples were taken from the treated area. As shown in the Figure below, TPH dropped from 58,500 ppm to just over 9,000 ppm. That’s an 85% reduction in just 28 days.

MB Bio delivers up to 100 times the microbe counts of liquid microbe products in an easy to apply dry to the touch powder. The powder keeps the microbes in direct contact with the food source (contamination) and cuts the cost of transportation by up to 50% over liquid products.

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MB Bio reduced TPH by 85%