Why Use MB Bio?

Bioremediation is a critical component in keeping our planet safe from hydrocarbon-based contamination. Remediating hydrocarbon-contaminated sites is an ongoing challenge across the globe in land and water-based environments. Oil spills, drilling, pipelines, and transportation can contaminate both land and water environments.

How it Works

As companies and government agencies are challenged to provide remediation solutions, the Drylet MB Bio product provides billions of live non-genetically modified microorganisms for remediating:

  • Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Grease
  • Any other hydrocarbon-based contamination

Advantages Over Liquid Treatments

  • EPA National Contingency Plan (NCP) Listed
  • Eliminates Drill Cuttings Pits
  • Dry LIVE bioreactor structure
  • >100x higher microbial counts over liquid bioremediation products
  • Requires no premixing
  • Adheres to oil and solids in water
  • Treated materials are in remediation Immediately
  • Will not leach from soil
  • Up to 99% reduction of crude oil hydrocarbons within 30 days
  • Ease of transportation in dry form

MB Bio Results

East Texas oil storage tank field trial with TPH levels over 58,000 ppm in February 2010.

After applying MB Bio, the TPH level dropped to 9,800 ppm in 28 days, which is an 83% TPH reduction.

Before: TPH levels over 58,000 ppm

Before: TPH levels over 58,000 ppm

One month later: TPH levels below 9,800 ppm

One month later: TPH levels below 9,800 ppm

Case Studies

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