Aqua Assist remediates algae in scuba diving training lake


  • Improved lake visibility
  • Less than 5-month treatment

A scuba diving and triathlon training lake in South Texas was having a crisis. Its water was way  turbid and cloudy, making it difficult for instructors to see their students underwater and creating negative brand impression for its guests.

They had tried every liquid chemical treatment out there without success. After doing a Google search for “marine cleanup,” they found Drylet.

We analyzed the water thoroughly and found that the turbidity was due to algae. The lake, a former sand pit, contained unusually hard water which created the right conditions for algae overpopulation. We thought about this problem carefully and designed an  Aqua Assist application protocol to remediate the algae.

Aqua Assist is a microbe-delivery platform loaded with billions of marine friendly microbes. The goal was to have our microbes  consume all the food available in the water, thereby starving and eliminating the algae.

By the second month of treatment, the water was visibly clearer indeed. By the fifth month, it was crystal clear. Check out the photos below to appreciate what progress was made.

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Before Treatment


After Aqua Assist Treatment

After 5 months of Aqua Assist treatment