September 29, 2017 (SAN JOSE, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – California Water Service Group (Cal Water), the third largest publicly traded water utility in the United States, and Drylet, a growth-stage wastewater remediation company, today announced a successful trial of a partnership aimed at driving performance in wastewater operations in multiple states using an advanced biocatalyst.

“We are pleased to work with Drylet to reduce costs and improve performance in wastewater operations through its products,” said Gary Valladao, Manager of Wastewater Systems for Cal Water. “We have been very encouraged so far by the results we have observed at our various types of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in New Mexico and in California, in terms of reduced odor and biosolids as well as improved operations and realized savings. Improved processes such as these help us deliver on our promise to provide quality, service, and value to our customers and communities.”

For instance, Cal Water measured a more than 45-percent sludge reduction at one of its facilities in New Mexico that had been using Drylet’s wastewater product, Aqua Assist, since last April.

A Water Environment Federation (WEF) 2017 Innovative Technology Award recipient, Drylet uses advanced material science and data to provide operators the tools they need to manage their plants, with a view to delivering high-performance wastewater treatment outcomes.

Drylet’s proprietary biocatalysts — engineered porous particles loaded with non-genetically modified microbes — accelerate the biological processes that convert biosolids into gas and water. By reducing biosolids by up to 50 percent with no capital investment, they provide a cost-effective solution to address the increasingly overwhelming challenge of solid waste accumulation at wastewater treatment facilities. Specifically, Drylet’s innovation significantly lowers the operational challenges and costs associated with handling, treating, and hauling solids. 

The partnership between Drylet and Cal Water began earlier this year with a focus on improving the performance of municipal WWTP through the reduction of biosolids.

“Drylet is not about selling a commodity product. Rather, we seek to partner with innovative WWTP operators to improve and ease their processes, and help them achieve better outcomes than they ever thought possible – be it compliance, costs or environmental footprint,” stressed Luka Erceg, President and CEO of Drylet.

Drylet and Cal Water plan on expanding their collaboration to improve performance at WWTP through using remediation products for fats, oils, and greases, biological nutrient reduction, and other problem areas that represent typical challenges for the wastewater industry.


About California Water Service Group

Cal Water is the largest investor-owned American water utility west of the Mississippi River and the third largest publicly traded in the country. Besides California Water Service, it also includes Washington Water Service, New Mexico Water Service, Hawaii Water Service, HWS Utility Services, and CWS Utility Services. As a whole, the Group provides high-quality regulated and non-regulated utility services to approximately 2 million people in 100 communities. For more information, visit

About Drylet, LLC

Drylet is a Houston- and San Francisco-based wastewater remediation technology company whose proprietary biocatalysts optimize biosolids reduction in wastewater treatment plants and in animal production facilities. Drylet offers a cost-effective and zero-footprint solution to biosolids accumulation, improving operations, reducing environmental impacts and streamlining regulatory compliance. For more information, visit

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