Achieve solids reduction using Drylet's solution

Drylet is the award-winning developer and manufacturer of an advanced biocatalyst for delivering microbes. Drylet’s technology reduces biosolids between 30% and 70+% in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment facilities and livestock production operations.

Easy-to-use and scalable, Drylet’s products require no capital expense.

Regardless of infrastructure set-up or feedstock, Drylet's award-winning biocatalyst boosts microbial activity to lower biosolids mass in wastewater. Outcomes include operations improvement, cost savings, and reduced carbon footprint.

Benefits demonstrated in case studies

How Drylet Compares

DRYLET Other Bioremediation Solutions Dredging Dewatering & Drying Low-Sludge Yield WWT Processes e.g., MBR, MBBR
Description Targeted microbes embedded in highly adsorptive media Targeted microbes delivered as dried spores or liquid Mechanical system for removing solids from lagoon Reducing sludge volume by removing moisture content Technologies that increase solids retention, reducing sludge yield
Capital investment Zero capex Low capex Medium capex – for dredge / pumping equipment High capex – belts, centrifuges, etc. High capex for equipment – media, membranes, etc.
Operating expense Low Variable – depends on dosage Mid to high Mid to high Mid to high
Easy application Yes – simply scoop dry product May require mixing N/A N/A N/A
Energy consumption Zero Pumping might be required Machinery involved Machinery involved High energy demand for operations e.g., aeration, filtration, etc.
Cost < $100/dry ton N/A > $200 per dry ton > $200 per dry ton > $200 per dry ton

About the technology

  • Engineered, porous, non-toxic particles loaded with beneficial microbes
  • 700,000 ft2  of surface area covered with microbes per pound of product
  • Beneficial microbes at 100x density of competing liquid products
  • Significant reduction of solids, among other benefits
  • Easy dry application, no mixing required
  • No capital expense required

How Drylet's biocatalyst works

Many wastewater treatment plants are operating at or near their maximum capacity.
The more biosolids they process, the higher their operating costs and the bigger the strain on their system.

How Drylet works with new customers

Drylet's dedicated team of engineers guides each customer through the project:

  • data collection and analysis
  • scenario-modeling thanks to dedicated software to identify goals and protocol
  • on-site visits and conference calls to ensure specific challenges are addressed.


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