What is Bio React Septic?

Bio React Septic delivers live microorganisms for consuming solids, foam, and reducing odor and gas build-up in septic systems. Bio React Septic is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Why Use Bio React Septic?

Bio React Septic contains no chemical ingredient and no  genetically modified organisms. The product is safe for human, animal and aquatic life. The formulation contain only naturally occurring, Bio-Safety Level Class 1 microbes that have been confirmed by independent testing to be non-pathogenic.


  • Adheres to solids in water.
  • Delivers more than 100 times higher microbial counts that traditionally found in other microbial products.
  • Delivers millions of micro bio-reactors, which contain billions of microbes, directly to the sludge layer.
  • Micro bio-reactors embed in sludge layer and produce millions of additional colonies that keep the sludge liquefied.
  • Keeps septic system healthy.

Case Studies

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