Solids build-up remediation in a swine farm lagoon


  • Floating solids remediated
  • Sheen virtually eliminated
  • Less than 40 days

A large commercial hog operation was having lagoon troubles. Their main lagoon, which serviced five large barns holding 10,000 head, was overrun with floating solids. These were creating odor and fly issues as well as a sheen that attracted unwanted wildlife to the lagoon.

They had tried several commercial solutions with no success. After being introduced to Drylet, we examined their problem carefully. The solids, odor, flies, and sheen were all being caused by nuisance bacteria. We suggested they apply ManureMagic® to the lagoon.

In early February, we applied 50 pounds of ManureMagic at a few points around the lagoon and in the center. A small boat was used to apply the product to the center of the lagoon.

One month later, floating solids were nearly gone and the sheen had virtually disappeared. The plant operator was so impressed, they continued applying ManureMagic to their pull-plug pits to reduce solids formation and odor, and inhibit foaming.

Floating Solids in Manure Lagoon

Before ManureMagic treatment (February)

Lagoon after ManureMagic treatment, No crusting or foaming

After ManureMagic treatment (March)