Aqua Assist & Bio-React slash BOD, fecal coliform concentration in dairy processing wastewater lagoon


  • 81% BOD drop within 20 days
  • 94% fecal coliform drop within 20 days

A major cheese producer in Canada reached out to Drylet in a desperate search for a solution to decrease the BOD concentration in their wastewater lagoon effluent. This producer needed to meet the BOD discharge requirements of <25 mg/l. The treatment lagoon system consisted of four separate cells with an average BOD concentration of about 98 mg/l.

To meet this challenge, Drylet recommended shock-dosing each lagoon with Bio-React at 50 pounds per million gallons of capacity. By the 20th day after applying Bio-React, the producer reported that fecal coliform had been cut down by 94%, and that the BOD was reduced below 25 mg/l in all four cells. The company was ready to discharge the effluent without risking any penalty.

In fact, the average final BOD concentration in the lagoon was 19 mg/l -- an incredible 81% decrease in a very short period of time. The operator admitted that he did not know what Drylet was, but that he was amazed at what it can do.

This customer is currently using an ongoing treatment protocol of 1 pound of Aqua Assist added to the influent daily.