Bio-React eliminated odors for a national steakhouse chain


  • Eradicated odors from drains
  • Eliminated need for harsh chemicals
  • Happier kitchen staff and customers

A national upscale steakhouse chain had problems with backup odor in one of their locations. All sixteen drains in the kitchen smelled awful. The issue quickly became uncomfortable for the staff as well as the patrons.

Despite scrubbing down the drain once a week with chemicals, the odor persisted. At their wits end, the steakhouse management contacted Drylet. We discussed their issues with them and recommended they use Bio React. Because they were only having odor problems and not drain backups, we recommended they only add the product to each drain twice a month (normal Bio React treatment calls for a weekly application).

Just one 8-ounce scoop of Bio-React was introduced into the each of the drains every other week. By the end of the 8-week trial, all the treated drains were clear of odors. Customers' complaints stopped. As an bonus benefit, fluids drained much faster than before.


Restaurant's grease trap before Bio-React

Same grease trap after 60 days of Bio-React treatment