17% biogas boost at California dairy digester with one-time BioReact AD dosing


  •  17% boost in biogas production year-over-year (60-day period)
  • 12% increase in power generation from biogas over the same period

A California-based renewable energy company operates a 9-MG dairy digester in Sacramento County. The system has been operational since July 2013. It receives manure from the farm's 1,300 cows. The combined heat and power engine of the digester has a capacity of 600 kW. The farm uses 100% of the energy that it generates.

Drylet dosed 400 lb of its innovative BioReact AD product in one single application. The monitoring period lasted 60 days. The biogas and energy produced from the 600-kW rated engine was tracked, recorded, and compared to the same period of the previous year.

The company achieved a 17% boost in biogas production and and a 12% increase in power generation over the 60 days of the monitoring period.