Frequently Asked Questions – Biogas Boost

Frequently Asked Questions       What type of feedstock is BioReact AD suitable for? BioReact AD can be successfully applied to any type of feedstock to enhance biogas generation: swine manure, cow manure, chicken manure, food waste, biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment, and industrial wastewater including sludge from pulp and paper mills and high

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30+% boost of average daily biogas production at Wisconsin dairy farm

Overview >30%: Average daily production boost of biogas after introducing Drylet’s BioReact AD 60%: Methane ratio remains unchanged and steady $470: Daily value of additional electricity sold to the utility $2,086: Average daily new gross income opportunity from renewable natural gas sold to the pipeline (on top of historically generated electricity) THE SITE Dallmann’s East

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BioReact AD boosts biogas 32%, lowers NG use 10% at 55-MGD WWTP

Overview • Biogas generation: +32 percent (212 MWH/month) • Natural gas consumption: -10 percent (221 MWH/month) • Volatiles Solids (VS) reduction: +10 percent • Total Solids (TS) reduction: +9 percent (2.82 dry tons/day) • Gross savings: $22,000 per month THE SITE The 55-MGD wastewater treatment plant has been a leader in the use of renewable

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