Why Use ManureMagic?

ManureMagic® makes money for the producer. In addition to reducing nuisance issues such as solids, odor, crust formation, and gas/foam buildup, ManureMagic has been proven to improve animal feed efficiency, producing a healthier animal, at a higher weight, in less time. It can also increase the barn survival rate resulting in higher incremental revenue per animal. ManureMagic is safe to apply, food-grade and contains no GMOs.

Product Testimonials

How it Works

As one of the most significant advancements in the industry in years, ManureMagic can not only help alleviate nuisance issues, but it can also help you make more money. Since its development, ManureMagic results have continued to differentiate the product versus its competitors. Key advantages over other products include:

  • Increased profit for the grower
  • Higher animal survival rates
  • Greater feed efficiency
  • Organic solids removal
  • Reduced crust formation and odor
  • Easy dry application.... No complicated mixing
  • Only one treatment per barn per season (deep pits)

Financial Advantages

  • Increased Survival Rate (up to 1%)
  • Increased Growth Rate (up to 5%)
  • Faster Time to Market (5%)
  • Increased Feed Efficiency
  • Incremental Profit per Animal

Other Advantages

  • Reduced Solids
  • Reduced Odor
  • No reduction in nutrient values
  • Easy application

How to Apply

Applying ManureMagic is easy. Just take a scoop, sprinkle it evenly across the slats, and water it in. Check out the video for more details. Please remember:

  • Apply directly to the manure
  • DO NOT apply to crusted manure
  • Apply after each major pumping or plug pull


Case Studies

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