About Drylet

Drylet was founded on the principle of helping nature. We provide proven biotechnology solutions for wastewater treatment, agriculture, and oil remediation, as well as products to handle the toughest kitchen drain, septic system, and aquaculture waste challenges.

Our products are all natural. They contain no genetically modified organisms or chemical ingredients, and are safe for human, animal, and aquatic life.

Biotechnology solutions for Wastewater Treatment, Agriculture, and Oil Remediation

The Drylet Advantage

Drylet’s patented micro bioreactor accelerates any biological process. Each dry-to-the-touch bioreactor is loaded with billions of carefully selected microbes to consume organic waste, remediate oil spills, or overcome undesirable bacteria. The harmony of the right microbes and our micro bioreactor results in higher microbe counts, more delivery options, and better results than traditional bioremediation.

Non GMO Bioremediation Products
Dry-to-the-Touch Bioreactors
Food Grade Micro Bioreactors


From domestic and industrial wastewater treatment to sludge ponds or lagoons, our solution improves the treatment of wastewater.


ManureMagic® reduces solids and inhibits foaming in deep pits, lagoons, and pull-plug systems. It has been proven to lower H2S and odor by a Purdue University study. 


Patented dry product delivering billions of live non-genetically modified microorganisms for bioremediation of oil, gasoline, diesel, grease or any other hydrocarbon based contamination.


A clean grease trap system can make the difference for customer satisfaction. Bio-React delivers billions of live microbes for consuming fats, oils and greases that remove nasty buildup in your kitchen plumbing and also treats your grease trap. This means no odor complaints and happy customers.

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