How it works

Drylet works by combining the power of specially selected microbes with a super porous particle. Adding Drylet can accelerate microbial activity and mass-to-gas conversion in any biologic process.

  • 12 football fields of area per pound
  • Tens of trillions of bacteria per pound
  • Specially selected microbes for each application

Nature v. Drylet

Microbes in nature are slow to convert waste and often contain bad actors which produce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other noxious odors. In Drylet products, the microbes are specifically selected to consume waste and loaded onto our super-porous particle. The resulting biocatalyst easily overpowers the native microbes and outnumbers the bad actors.

Watch what happens when we connect two flasks containing the same amount of organic waste. The biotacalysts added to the "Drylet" flask generate more pressure--and faster--than the native bacteria in the "Control" flask, pushing the green fluid all the way into the latter.

Executive Management

At Drylet, our team of biological, chemical, and process engineers develop products that outperform traditional solutions and solve our customers’ toughest problems. Drylet’s executive management team includes accomplished leaders with deep industry and broad executive experience. Supported by a global research and sales team, Drylet is focused on delivering best-in-class biological products for waste remediation and environmental compliance.

Kent Dawson, Ph.D. - Vice President of Business Development

Luka Erceg

President and CEO

20+ years of experience in specialty chemicals, utilities (LDC, pipelines, power generation), and energy technology; founder and past-President and CEO of Simbol Materials, led company to $240 million valuation in 3 years, raised $85 million including $8.5 million in non-dilutive grants from DoE and CA; in addition to DryLet, serves as independent director and investor designee director for Graphene Technologies, Inc. and NuMat Technologies, Inc., respectively; previously led $3.5 billion portfolio of power plant investments, active in M&A and transaction structuring; holds MBA, J.D., LL.M. and Bachelors in Marketing, admitted to State Bar of Texas.

Kent Dawson, Ph.D. - Vice President of Business Development

M. Scott Conley

Chief Operating Officer

20+ years of chemical engineering and management experience in chemicals, energy, mining, water, and food; his clients have included BASF, Dow Chemical, LCRA, Air Liquide, Valero, Rhodia, Nabisco, Shell, and others; he is a founder of Simbol Materials and past-COO where he co-invented the key lithium sorbent technology and played a critical role in the technology strategy and engineering management; holds an MBA from Rice University, and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Shilen Patel - Vice President of Sales

Shilen Patel

Vice President of Sales

15+ years of public and private sector experience negotiating transactions, sales process management, developing project finance structures, and building strategic partnerships; served as Vice President of Business Development for Veolia North America leading the development of strategy and sales objectives for water and energy business; including managing sales team for goals implementation; holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Board of Managers


Gregg Badger

Mr. Badger is Chisholm’s Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary; responsible for credit, asset and risk management, and banks financing; a lawyer by training, Mr. Badger spent 17 years in the investment business as an agent specialized in real estate and venture capital; he joined Chisholm in 2003 and became a shareholder shortly thereafter; born in Toronto, Mr. Badger resides in Toronto and is married with two children.

Gerardo Barrera

Gerardo Barrera is the founder and general director of D-M Mexicana and multiple successful companies in Monterrey, Mexico; Mr. Barrera is an expert at developing relationships with municipal, state, and national governments and has provided food products serving 50 million Mexican citizens to combat malnutrition, he is a Certified Public Accountant in Mexico and received his education from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.

Joseph Beal, P.E.

Mr. Beal served as CEO of LCRA, a $1.1 billion reclamation project district with 20+ wastewater treatment plants and a capital budget of $276 million annually; brings over 3 decades of experience in engineering and is a graduate from Texas Tech in Civil Engineering; is considered an expert in system design of water/wastewater, water resource planning, water quality and electric utility management, and has served on numerous Boards including ERCOT and the Texas Public Power Association and as chairman of the Texas State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, Mr. Beal is a veteran of the Vietnam war.

Steve Chisholm

A graduate of University of Western Ontario (UWO) in 1979, Mr. Chisholm proceeded to join the family firm Ronald A. Chisholm Limited, holding various support, trading and management roles over the ensuing 37 years to date; subsequently, he was part of the management group that bought the firm from the family in 1995 and today he is corporate Vice President and the Director in charge of Dairy Group operations; Stephen is also a Board Director of various joint venture and subsidiary operations related to Chisholm located in the USA, Australia, Ireland, and the UAE.

Jay Collins

Mr. Collins is the former Chief Executive Officer of Oceaneering International, Inc. (NYSE:OII) and Director of Murphy Oil Corporation (NYSE:MUR); Pason Systems Inc. (TSE:PSI);  Texas Institute of Science, Inc.; and NuMat Technologies, Inc.,  in addition, Mr. Collins is a member of the Rice University Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Council of Overseers of the Jones Graduate School of Business, he received his MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business in 1972 and both his Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Rice University in 1969. 

Ramiro Treviño

Ramiro Treviño is the inventor of the Drylet delivery platform and founder of Drylet, LLC. He is an entrepreneur and inventor with 30 years of experience running a profitable food, animal nutrition, and specialty service manufacturing business. Mr. Treviño initiated and oversaw the development of the U.S. branch of Dairy Manufacturers, Inc. in 1986 and its growth into a large manufacturer with three divisions. He is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University.