We look forward to showcasing the environmental benefits of our products at TCEQ as well as the specific results of our customers.

Drylet, LLC a biotechnology company providing industry-leading products for use in applications such as animal waste reduction, bioremediation, wastewater treatment, aquaculture and grease, fat and oil reduction in wastewater treatment plants and restaurant kitchen settings, announced today it will be an exhibitor at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Environmental Trade Fair and Conference May 5-6 in Austin, Texas.

The company will highlight three of its key products at the following individual booths:

MB Bio

Booth 1132
MB Bio reduces crude oil hydrocarbons by up to 99% within 30 days. It also adheres to oil and solids in water while producing up to 100 time more microbial counts than liquid bioremediation products. MB Bioremediation is listed on EPA National Contingency Plan (NCP) and uses a patented micro bio-reactor system.


Booth 1133
Patented ManureMagic is highly concentrated and utilizes millions of micro bio-reactors to deliver hundreds of billions of live microorganisms that consume solids associated with animal production. ManureMagic will significantly reduce solids, crusting, gas build-up and odor. ManureMagic will deliver all these benefits without any adverse impact to the environment.

Aqua Assist & Bio-React for Wastewater

Booth 1134
Drylet Aqua Assist and Bio-React can be used in wastewater treatment operations with the following results:

Drylet® Aqua Assist

  • reduces ammonia, nuisance odors and organic sludge from wastewater plants

Drylet® Bio-React

  • consumes fats, oils, greases and foam typically found in wastewater treatment

“We are very pleased to be showcasing three products from our line of patented products serving the oil and gas, animal waste production and wastewater industries,” said Steve Ellis, Drylet Executive Vice President. “Helping nature do its job is not just a tagline at Drylet, it’s a core focus area of all our products and product development. We look forward to highlighting the environmental benefits of our products at TCEQ as well as the specific results of our customers.” he added.

Members of the sales team will be available at each booth to discuss the benefits of Drylet’s patented product line and to show how their products are safe for the environment.

For more information or to make an appointment to discuss Drylet products with a representative of Drylet, call (972) 521-3470.