MB Bio Remediates Weathered Crude Skim Pit


  • 1,700 yard weathered crude skim pit
  • MB Bio reduced TPH by 68% in 2 weeks
  • TPH reduced by 80% in 10 weeks

An oil driller in eastern Colorado’s Julesburg basin was using an earthen pit to skim crude oil from produced water. The pit was nearly 60 years old and problems associated with its age were threatening the nearby groundwater.

The customer dug a new pit and let the existing pit sit for over two years. By this time, all the volatile components of the crude oil had dissipated, leaving only weathered non-volatile crude behind in the soil. This was a unique challenge because weathered crude is notoriously difficult to remediate.

The pit was surveyed at various depths and the average Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) across all depths measured 1,103 ppm, well above Colorado’s 500 ppm limit for TPH in soil.

Drylet partnered with a service company to blend its patented bioremediation product, MB Bio, into the contaminated soil. Over 1,700 cubic yards of soil were treated over a few days.

After two weeks, technicians returned to the site and sampled the pit again determine the level of remediation. After only 2 weeks, TPH was reduced to 357 ppm, a 68% reduction. In the next 8 weeks, the TPH was 221 ppm, an 80% reduction from the baseline and well below the 500ppm state limit.