Large cost savings realized by 4-MGD MUD using Aqua Assist


  • 32% less bleach used for disinfection
  • 33% reduction in biosolids
  • Reduced polymer use and labor-hours for pressing sludge

A municipal utility district or M.U.D. in the local Houston area was looking for new technologies that could help reduce costs, and chose to give Aqua Assist a try.

They have been using Aqua Assist at their 4 MGD wastewater treatment facility for over 12 months. The performance has reduced dry solids disposal by a monthly average of 25% to 33%. This has created significant monthly cost savings in hauling and polymer costs.

In addition, they have reduced the amount of bleach needed in the disinfection stage by 32%, due to the improved water quality obtained by using Aqua Assist. Using less chemicals has also translated into big savings in their operating costs.

In wastewater treatment plants, we focus on improving operations, compliance, and reducing biosolids before they go to the landfill. In addition to reducing direct costs associated with biosolids handling, our product reduces the formation of methane at the landfill where biosolids decompose and contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Allowing our customers to save money and improving the environment is what separates Drylet from the competition.

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