Hydrogen Sulfide Remediated at Major Mexican Hog Operation


  • 64% reduction in H2S in a single week

A major Mexican hog operation was having a problem with hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). The levels, over 3,000 ppm, were causing major problems for the plants methane digester. The rotating equipment which feeds the digester was not designed to operate in such a corrosive environment. As a result, the seals and bearings on this equipment were failing at an accelerated rate, cutting into profits and increasing downtime.

The plant’s operator explored purchasing better seals and bearings for their rotary equipment, but the cost was too high to amortize effectively. Instead, they turned to Drylet. After taking a careful look at their operation and listening to their needs, Drylet proposed tackling the H2S problem at its source, the hog manure. Instead of attempting to treat the problem with inhibitory feed additives, Drylet proposed the operator deploy ManureMagic to its manure pits. After a simple one-time application to the slats, the plant saw a 64% reduction in H2S in a week. As a result, they noticed better performance from their rotary equipment. Better still, ManureMagic did not affect the levels of methane being fed to the bio-digester.

In addition to the H2S and associated odor reduction, the operator noted the manure had better flowability and less crust formation. They were so impressed with ManureMagic, they are currently considering using it in all their pits.