Complete TPH Remediation in Bakken Drill Cuttings


  • 78% reduction of TPH in 100 days
  • 72% reduction in TPH in 14 days
  • Fast efficient remediation of drill cuttings

An oil and gas driller in North Dakota had a problem. They wanted to dispose of their drill cuttings, but the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in the cuttings was way above the permitted level for disposal. North Dakota mandates that oilfield drill cuttings have a maximum of 10,000 ppm of TPH before they can be pit disposed.

They were thinking about bringing in an expensive thermal desorption system when they contacted Drylet. After a brief consultation, we designed a system to reduce their TPH levels below regulatory levels.

Unlike expensive thermal systems, Drylet applied MB Bio to the pile. MB Bio is a dry to the touch powder containing specially selected microbes designed to break down heavy hydrocarbons and oxidize lighter hydrocarbons, including aromatics. We blended MB Bio into the cuttings with an automated mixing unit.

We expected to see results in three months, but were surprised when the TPH levels dropped below state levels in just two weeks. After three months, TPH dropped even further to 5,685 ppm, 78% below baseline.

The customer was happy with the results and is using MB Bio on all its future remediation projects.