Bio-React Fixed Slow Draining Lines and Odors for a National Coffee Chain


  • Cleaned clogged drains lines and reduced PM
  • Eliminated odors from kitchen drains
  • Eliminated odors from grease traps

A national coffee chain had problems with milk fat buildup in their drains and grease traps. With every order, the excess milk that is poured down the drain was building up and creating an environment for problem bacteria to grow. These bacteria created irritating odors and clogged the drains frequently.

They used to treat this issue by pouring harsh chemicals down the drains several times a week. While this solution worked in the short term, the system would still back up and the odors persisted. To make matters worse, every time the grease trap was full, it had to be opened for pumping creating more unpleasant odors.

Just one scoop of Bio-React was introduced into the store’s four drains each week. After a month, all the treated drains were clear of odors and drained fluids much faster than before. As a side benefit, the grease traps in the back of the store can now be opened up and drained without any noticeable odor, increasing customer and employee satisfaction. 



After 1 month of Bio-React treatment