Bio-React Clears Grease Traps and Floor Drains at Historic California Coffee Shop


  • Eliminated grease trap pumping and drain blockages
  • Reduced odors from the kitchen

Grease is a problem for any restaurant, but it is an especially big problem for the #4 diner in America. Drylet introduced the historic Harry’s coffee shop to Bio-React drain product back in 2015. Here’s what Harry had to say:

“Thank you for introducing Harry's Coffee Shop to Drylet’s products. We are on our second bucket of product and I am happy to report the success we are experiencing. As recommended, we are treating our grease traps and floor drains a couple times per week. Since we started two months ago we have not pumped our grease traps or had any of our drains treated for blockage of any kind. In addition to these great results the gaseous smells that used to emanate from our dishwasher area have all but gone away. Previously, we had tried everything to eliminate that smell with no luck whatsoever. We even installed a new air conditioning unit and added airflow to this area with no results until NOW!!

Thank you for the great customer service and a great environmentally friendly product for our restaurant.”

Harry Rudolph III
Harry's Coffee Shop
Established 1960
La Jolla, California