Aqua Assist Saves Rare Specimen Fish from Flesh Eating Fungus


  • Dorothy, a rare specimen of goldfish, was sick with a fungal infection
  • All the usual treatments failed.
  • Less than an ounce of Drylet cured Dorothy in less than 2 weeks.

A pet store owner had a problem. His $1,000 prize goldfish, Dorothy, had a hard to kill fin fungus. He tried all the usual remedies with no results. As Dorothy got steadily worse, he called his aquaculture vet and was told that Dorothy was going to die.

At his wits end, the owner called Drylet. We listened carefully to the owner’s needs. After a brief consultation, we rushed our product to the pet store. The owner applied less than an ounce of our product every week directly to Dorothy’s tank.

Dorothy started looking better on the first day of treatment and was almost completely healed inside two weeks. The owner was impressed and started using Drylet as a preventive measure in all his tanks.

Before Aqua Assist Treatment

After Aqua Assist Treatment


Although we usually treat larger aquaculture operations, it felt good to help Dorothy survive her fungus encounter. To help with your aquaculture challenge, check out our product page or contact us.