58% Total Solids Reduction in 8MG Lagoon

Solids build-up in this open anaerobic lagoon in Tennessee was hampering operations at a large US industrial food waste rendering plant. In just four months, a single application of Bio Dredger biocatalyst broke down solids, with samplings analysis showing 58% Total Solid Reduction (TSR) and 60% Volatile Solid Reduction.

  • Drylet treated this anaerobic lagoon with Drylet’s Bio Dredger biocatalyst for solids reduction on April 6th, 2021.
  • An initial sampling of the anaerobic lagoon was taken in advance of the application of Bio Dredger and a final sample was collected August 12, 2021.
  • Drylet dosed 3,300 pounds of Bio Dredger and utilized an industrial mixer for the pre- and post-treatment sample collection in addition to assisting with product dispersion from the mixing.
  • The  results of the initial and final sampling show a total solids reduction (“TSR”) of 58% and a volatile solids reduction (“VSR”) of 60%.
  • There was also a significant boost in the overall treatment efficiency of Pond 1, observed by the reduction in the organic load (BOD, COD, CBOD) entering Pond 2 as indicated by the anaerobic lagoon effluent reports provided by the plant