ISU Study: ManureMagic® inhibits foam in swine manure pits by 75%

Iowa State University study shows Drylet inhibits foaming and reduces solids in swine-manure pits. SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 25, 2017) – Manure treatment product ManureMagic® is the first commercially available foam-deterrent product that is focused on the prevention of nuisance bacteria that cause foam in swine manure pits. ManureMagic performance for inhibiting foam by up to

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Drylet Aqua Assist Wins WEF 2017 Innovative Water Technology Award

Microbe-delivery platform that boosts biological processes to eliminate up to 50 percent of wastewater biosolids pollution honored for its contribution to the sustainability of water resources. For Immediate Release SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– (September 5, 2017) — Drylet, LLC, a wastewater remediation technology company, announced today that its Aqua Assist product has won a Water Environment

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Drylet, LLC Announces Investment from Ronald A. Chisholm Limited to Support Growth and Expansion

Drylet, LLC, a biotechnology company providing industry-leading products for bioremediation, animal waste reduction, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, grease, fat and oil reduction in restaurant kitchen settings, and treatment of other effluent fluid streams, announced today a significant financial investment from Ronald A. Chisholm Limited, a leading international food merchant founded in 1938 in Toronto, Canada.

Drylet Technologies Announces the Rebranding and Launch of Patented ManureMagic™

We are pleased to launch this unique and patented product, ManureMagic™, into the confinement animal production industry because we know it provides a superior alternative choice to the current products on the market. Drylet Technologies, a biotechnology company providing industry-leading products for use in applications such as animal waste reduction, bioremediation, wastewater treatment, aquaculture and

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